May - Show Appreciation to Military Spouses


West Virginians have always felt a sense of pride and duty to their state and country, and we have always found strength in our military men and women. West Virginia’s military men and women are constantly called to action in one way or another, and they always answer that call with enthusiasm, bravery and an overwhelming spirit to serve. They contribute so much to our state and the entire country with their continued efforts, and it is our time to show them that we appreciate the simple freedoms they help to provide for us every day. 
When a man or woman signs up for duty, their spouses are signed up too. While our military members are working for us, the spouses at home are doubling up on the work that comes from family and household obligations. Those additional tasks can be difficult at times but military spouses remain strong; caring for their families, not knowing where their loved one may be that day or what dangers he or she may be facing. That is why May’s Mission is Show Appreciation to Military Spouses. 

This month, focus your efforts on relieving some of those additional duties military spouses take on or simply offer a word of praise. Doing so can lift a person’s spirit more than you might imagine.

Whatever action you choose to take or service you choose to complete, know you are making a difference and that even a simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way. Don’t forget to share your experience with us by visiting the Experiences page!
Suggested Projects  
Mow the lawn for a veteran or military member and his/her family. 
Offer to babysit for the children of a veteran or military member
Offer to run errands for an elderly veteran or busy military family.
Help do some gardening or outdoor cleanup at your local VFW or American Legion Post. 
Send Mother's Day cards to the military moms in your community and/or overseas. 


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