About "Serve West Virginia Military"

Welcome to “Serve West Virginia Military”. As First Lady of West Virginia, it gives me great pride to launch this initiative in conjunction with First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden’s national initiative, Operation Homefront and Joining Forces. This effort is designed to engage grass roots and community groups to play an active role in supporting and providing assistance to West Virginia’s deployed service men and women, their spouses, children, active stateside military and veterans.

Each month, a new “mission” will be announced. That month's mission will represent an overall theme and serve as a catalyst for you and/or your group to create local projects. You will also find suggestions and ideas that we hope you will use as springboard to developing a plan, project or idea dedicated to supporting our military families and veterans. Businesses, nonprofits, faith-based groups, school children and community organizations are encouraged to join the monthly mission to “Serve Those Who Serve Us.”

As time moves on, it is my hope that communities will share ideas on how to return the patriotic favor that so many of our military members have voluntarily offered to us. Please join me in bringing service to military families.