As the First Lady of West Virginia, I am pleased to welcome you to Serve West Virginia Military: Serving Those Who Serve Us. I am especially thankful to the members of the Military Initiative Committee. Their hard work and commitment have helped to form each facet of this very special initiative and given me valuable insight to creating an initiative that makes a real difference.

West Virginia’s service men and women willingly make sacrifices for our freedom and safety while their families patiently wait at home. The same is true of our veterans. Giving back can be as simple as a phone call, an offer to babysit or sharing of a home-cooked meal. Anything you can do for our service members, our veterans and our military families is greatly appreciated.

I encourage your participation and hope serve.wv.gov will provide a place to connect and share ideas about how to provide service to the Mountain State’s Military, their families and our veterans. Thank you for your interest in Serve West Virginia Military. I look forward to hearing about your experience. Remember, YOU can make a difference!

With warmest regards,

Joanne Jaeger Tomblin
First Lady